CMF Room-based Inverter CRAC (Refrigerant Pump)

CMF room-based inverter CRAC (refrigerant pump) can use atmospheric natural cold source for cooling computer room. The natural cooling efficiency of CRAC with refrigerant pump is 10 times that of compressor refrigeration mode at low ambient, which can effectively reduce the PUE value of the room. Application scenarios: data center, telecom equipment and computer room, electronic instrument workshop, museum, archives, high-grade wine cellar, medical equipment room, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, etc.



1. Inverter design of compressor and fan, high effiffifficiency and energy saving
2. Three operating modes, automatic switching, real-time adjustment
3. The pump cabinet is integrated on the outdoor side. The "V" shape design of condenser greatly improves the outdoor heat transfer effffect
4. EXV to achieve high control accuracy
5. Adopting wet fifilm humidifification, more energy saving and environmental protection; PTC three-stage ceramic electric heating
6. Modular design, pull-out design, 100% frontal maintenance
7. Effiffifficient group control mode, the Max. number of group control is 32
8. Optional dual power supply, lightning protection device and power metering function module


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