IDC Solution

CSA Precision Inverter CRAC

CSA precision inverter CRAC is equipped with inverter compressor and high-efficiency EC centrifugal fan. The unit has passed rigorous testing and verification by national-level laboratory, and has significant characteristics of energy saving and stable operation. Application scenarios:small and medium-sized computer room, equipment room, telecom base station, battery room, substation, power distribution room, monitoring room, etc.

IDC SolutionDescription

IDC Solution

1. The unit uses inverter compressor to provide more accurate and efficient temperature control
2. With wet-film humidification, power consumption is greatly reduced
3. Full inverter design
4. Equipped with power off memory, auto-start, group control and flexible configuration functions
5. Optional lightning protection component to ensure the stability of the equipment room
6. Optional low temperature components to achieve reliable operation down to -35°C (-31℉)


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