IDC Solution

CRF Row-based Inverter CRAC (Refrigerant Pump)

CRF row-based inverter CRAC (refrigerant pump) can use atmospheric natural cold source for cooling computer room. It is installed close to the heat source, shorten the flow path of cold air, and accurately process the sensible heat generated by the server. It is an ideal choice for green and energy-saving data centers and all kinds of electronic equipment rooms. Application scenarios: small and medium-sized data centers, modular data centers, cabinet cold (hot) aisle transformation, medium and high thermal density telecom equipment and computer rooms, etc.

IDC SolutionDescription

IDC Solution

1. Key components are selected from well-known brand, full EC inverter design, automatic adjustment of cooling capacity and air volume output
2. Wet fifilm humidififier, saving 99% of humidifification energy
3. "/" or "U" shape design of evaporator, large area, small wind resistance
4. High return air temperature design, signifificantly improve energy effiffifficiency
5. Three operating modes, automatic switching, real-time adjustment
6. The pump cabinet is integrated on the outdoor side,without requiring additional space for placement
7. Integrated effiffifficient energy-saving algorithm, support group control


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