Telecom Solution

Edge Integrated Power Supply

Edge integrated power supply is a new generation of highly reliable and high performance wireless micro station communication power system equipment launched by Haiwu. The system is composed of power supply module, battery module, etc.

Telecom SolutionDescription

Telecom Solution

1. Wall-mounted, pole-mounted, angle steel tower installation, "zero" footprint
2. Fanless design, natural cooling, "zero" noise
3. Small size, light weight, easy to install and maintenance-free Die-cast aluminum one-piece molding, IP65, suitable for a variety of outdoor harsh environment
4. The connection terminal supports fast wiring, plugging, waterproof, with locking device and anti-reverse connection, anti-misconnection function
5. Intelligent, support APP wireless (WIFI) connection to view data, remote support full netcom 4G access monitoring network
6. High effiffifficiency and energy saving, the whole machine effiffifficiency>97%


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