Telecom Solution

Outdoor C-RAN Cabinet

In order to reduce the investment in base station construction and accelerate telecom construction, the traditional access network architecture has evolved to C-RAN architecture. Haiwu outdoor C-RAN cabinet adopts modular and standardized reliability design to ensure that all subsystems are highly compatible, universal and integrated. Highly integrated power supply and distribution system, battery system, temperature control system, emergency ventilation system, intelligent management system, etc., with small floor space, it can realize plug and play and rapid installation and delivery.

Telecom SolutionDescription

Telecom Solution

1. Fast delivery: The supporting equipment is highly integrated and can be deployed as soon as the day it enters the site, with plug and play functio
2. Reliable performance: the protection grade of the computer room is IP55; the structure is stable, safe and reliable
3. Energy saving and high effiffifficiency: the rack air conditioner is adopted, and the air flflow organization before and after the air conditioner is used to accurately dissipate heat
4. Intelligent monitoring: It integrates temperature and humidity, access control, smoke detection, water immersion and other intelligent monitoring screen management systems to provide all-round environmental management


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