Telecom Solution

Integrated Energy-saving Cabinet with Heat Pipe Aircon

In the new era, and the power consumption of base stations is rising. The market is in urgent need of a telecom station building scheme with high efficiency and energy conservation. The customized solution of integrated energy-saving cabinet proposed by Haiwu can be flexibly assembled according to the construction environment and business. It is an ideal choice for base station construction. Application scenarios: urban traffic, power distribution, transmission exchange station, wireless telecom base station and other application scenarios.

Telecom SolutionDescription

Telecom Solution

1. Cabinet modular splicing, simplifified installation and dynamic expansion
2. Two types of columns to achieve 19/21 inches equipment compatible installation
3. The indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner are integrated, no additional installation required, and the replacement of parts is simple
4. Large cooling capacity design of single cabinet air conditioner to solve the high-density deployment of equipment
5. Double cooling source system design, with annual PUE≤1.25
6. The cabinet is equipped with cold and hot air flflow isolation structure, plus four operation modes of air conditioner to achieve energy conservation


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