IDC Solution

CDA Rack Inverter CRAC

CDA rack inverter CRAC is a cabinet type temperature control product, especially designed for high thermal density data centers. Placed closely to the heat source on the cabinet rack, it can accurately process the high sensible heat generated by the servers in the cabinet, effectively prevent local hot spots, and help green data centers to develop continuously. Application scenarios: all kinds of small and micro distributed computer rooms, data centers, modular data centers, IT cabinets for blade servers, medium and high thermal density telecom equipment and computer rooms, etc.

IDC SolutionDescription

IDC Solution

1. Supports temperature sensing management at the top of cabinet to prevent local hot spots
2. Multiple drainage and anti-flflooding design to prevent cabinet flflooding
3. Intelligent self-detection of refrigerant capacity and intelligent warning
4. High effiffifficiency inverter compressor, super precise PID control technology
5. Electronic expansion valve enables smooth adjustment of throttle;
6. EC centrifugal fan, adjust air volume output ratioin real time as required
7. Extremely wide power grid adaption, which can meet±20% voltage range


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