Small Backpack DC Aircon

Small backpack DC aircon, as an AC integrated cabinet air conditioner, specially designed for cooling high heat cabinet , with compressor refrigeration, completely sealed and independent circulation of indoor and outdoor, the equipment can effectively ensure the service life and work stability of electronic components. Application scenarios: telecom base station cabinet, switching network cabinet, industrial control cabinet, electrical cabinet, new energy storage cabinet, etc.



1. Made of high molecular material, with strong impact strength & corrosion resistance
2. Optional metal shell,  highly fifire-proof,  potential safety trouble eliminated
3. Full inverter design
4. Excellent aerodynamic performance, low vibration, low sound pressure and long working life
5. Super compact,convenient for delivery, installation and maintenance
6. Electric control box with full metal sealing, fifire prevention function
7. Multiple protection and alarm output. Self diagnosis of incoming calls for self start fault


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