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Inverter Backpack Aircon

Inverter backpack aircon is specially designed for scenarios such as energy storage containers. It can be used in the places where the equipment generates a lot of heat and the equipment is sensitive to the ambient temperature, especially in the field of power and new energy. The product adopts an integral structure, with large air volume and upper air outlet supply. The air supply distance is far, avoiding local hot spots, and providing a safe, reliable, efficient and energy-saving temperature control solution for the energy storage system. Application scenarios: energy storage containers, outdoor power cabinets, new energy storage cabinets, etc.

Telecom SolutionDescription

Telecom Solution

1. Energy saving fan and effiffifficient inverter compressor are used to effffectively control the relative humidity of the environment
2. Standard electrical heating function
3. It has the functions of autostart, delayed start, power offff memory
4. RS485 interface, supporting group control and remote monitoring functions
5. With MODBUS-RTU communication protocol


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